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Portunus is the leading service, equipment & spare parts supplier for container handling equipment in its region. Portunus with its commitment is dedicated to provide its customer with the highest quality of parts and services,is representing a unique approach to the port services business by combining a variety of services within its organization.

Portunus has the advantage to offer tailor made solutions to customers in its region. Complete solutions based on genuine parts and proved services to our customer’s needs are an essential part of our company strategy.

The maintenance process is our core process and thus Portunus is continuously using its resources to develop this process to find better solutions to improve the benefits & results. Portunus Service Division has the opportunity to work and develop the best international practices in various ports. With the combination of this accumulated experience, we have attained excellent maintenance process levels.

Portunus works with the principle of sustainability which underlines the importance of the continuity in Port operations and the obligation to find solutions which will enable this. As a servicing company we know that we should have a mind-set to provide our assistance on 7/24 basis.


Ready parts comprises the necessary parts brought together in their special groups and boxes for partial or complete overhauls of engines and transmissions of terminal tractors, empty container handlers and reach stackers.

What about downtime due to component overhaul?

Longer downtimes can significantly lower your profit margins. We have a solution to reduce downtime due to scheduled overhaul and help you save time and resources. We call it Ready Parts.

It significantly reduces overhaul downtime by overcoming two important challenges: Stock Shortage and Technical Capabilities. Sometimes a spare part exists in the stock inventory but it’s physically missing or you are stuck with wrong or incomplete parts.

For example, there may not be any expert technicians at some ports. Or an expert technician may be unspecialized in a particular drive line component. Non-existent, wrong, incomplete or missing tools, catalogues and technical manuals and limited knowledge of manuals all contribute to downtime.

Briefly, purpose of Ready Parts is to keep the parts which are used in complete or partial overhaul for engine and transmission of terminal tractors and reach stackers, in one box and transport it to customer as soon as possible.

Ready Part is offer overhaul kits for 3 possible levels of overhaul requirement. These are Silver, Gold and Platinum.

With Ready Parts You Can Stop Worrying About Downtime & Invest In Uptime. The boxes which are used in Project are reusable and the main purpose of this. Project is minimum garbage.


Introducing Ready Parts

What Is Special With Ready Parts?

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Allison 3000


Cummins QSB 6.7


Cummins QSM 11


Dana TE 27/32

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